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Thursday, Feb. 09, 2006
i'm on the way out. diaryland is breathing its last breath.
i'm taking this opportunity to thank so many of the people of diaryland who have not only read my work over time but have read thejanechord's work and loved the two of us.
i'm starting a new life. a new journal. a new day. i hope you'll join me.

i'm not leaving, just moving.

this diary will remain open for all y'all to read and reflect, but i will not write here anymore.
my days of 'labeled-girl' are over. i am anew though i hold dear where i came from and who i am still to be.

as i become, as i join in marriage, as i start, as i file away each new memory and moment, i must stretch and grow, limbs and cerebellum.

here i go.

watch me.

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